Legendary Samurai: Hayato Guide


Hayato is a legendary samurai during Sengoku era. His fighting style is Battojutsu (抜刀術, art of sword drawing). In MapleStory, this class was built for combining skills together (i.e. combo) with blazing fast speed. Hayato is a warrior class who uses a Katana, with a Kodachi as his sub-weapon. Hayato is time-limited class to be released in GMS in March 13th, 2013.

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Spirit Walker: Kanna Guide


Kanna is originated from JMS’ Sengoku update. She is magician who can channel mana through her unique weapon – fan to summon supernatural creatures and devastate enemies with powerful attack. She has trusty companion (white fox) named Haku to accompany her in battle.  read more

Idol of Battlefield: Angelic Buster

AngelicBuster300Angelic Buster is Nova Pirate who protects Pantheon from Black Mage’s commander Magnus. Angelic Buster is a gender locked class – female only. Angelic Buster uses one-handed Soul Shooter (primary) and Soul Ring (secondary). Angelic Buster has a Recharge and Dress-up system. Recharge System allows you using special skills when charged. Dress-Up system allows you to dress up using items from cash shop. Angelic Buster has a Link Skill that increase the next damage for the next four hits (100% for Angelic Buster and 50% if linked to other characters).

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Thief Hero: Phantom

Updated for Tempest

Phantom is one of 5 maple heroes who sealed the Black Mage hundreds of years ago. Phantom joined Heroes to fight against Black Mage and to seek revenge for his beloved Aria.  Phantom uses Cane and Desk of Cards to attack. He can steal skills from exploder class. His cane can be altered to any weapons based on the skill he steal. Phantom’s ship, Lumiere allows him to travel between continents easily.

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Protector of Dragons: Kaiser

Kaiser is Nova Warrior who can transform into a dragon. Nova is a new race introduced as part of Tempest update. Kaiser class starts at Pantheon, home of Nova race who is half-human and half dragon. Pantheon can be accessed through a portal at Six Path Crossway in Victoria Island. Kaiser uses Two-handed swords as primary weapon and Dragon’s soul as secondary weapon. Kaiser uses combo system (similar to Aran) in order to fill up the Morph Gauge. Kaiser has a link skill which increases 10% MaxHP.

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