GMS127 Root Abyss

For the first time, GMS will release new content before the kMS. It is the Root Abyss update on January 16th, 2013. This post provides some basic information for our players.


When the Gods of the Beginning created everything in the all the worlds, they also created three Transcendences keep balance in the world. They each had a different power: light, time, and life. In Maple world, the Transcendences of Light is the Black Mage who was allured by the power of the light and lost his humanity. The Transcendence of Time is the Goddess of Time Rhinne. This update reveals the Transcendence of Life, Alice The Word Tree (not the Alice In The Wonderlands).

After the battle with the Black Mage, she rested in the Root Abyss, at the centre of Victoria Island, to regain her powers, since the area is filled with life energy. However, it seems that Alice has been sealed in the Root Abyss! To help her, you’ll have to defeat the four bosses in the area.

Root Abyss

Root Abyss can be access through Slient Swamp at Sleepwood. There are 4 sealed doors that lead to 4 bosses: Crimson Queen, Pierre, Von Bon and Vellum. There are 2 stages, monsters at first stage & boss at final stage. You can enter the boss run in party or solo using the Key (100k meso??) bought from NPC. There is no limit of entry but you can only defeat the bosses once a day.


There are some unique features about each boss. Here are some general information:

  • There are 2 different modes: Normal Mode ( Lv 100 ) & Chaos Mode ( Lv 140 ).
  • There is a Death Count system.Everyone in the party only have 5 chances to revive.
  • The bosses drop Hats, Chairs, Skill Books and Stones.
  • The Stones (or coins) can be used to buy Imperial Set (in a sealed box).

Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen

She has four forms: Simmering, Joyous, Wrathful and Sorrowful. Each form can use a different type of skill.

  • Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 5,100
  • Chaos: Level 170 HP 2,100,000,000 Attack 20,400



Pierre can put hats onto those that fight him, and when he changes colors, those wearing hats will be healing him instead of damaging him.

  • Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 11,800
  • Chaos: Level 170 HP 2,100,000,000 Attack 34,000

Von Bon

Von Bon

Von Bon’s room has two different floors, Black and White. The Black floor means players are transferred to where they were seconds before, while the White floor means the countdown timer is accelerated.

  • Normal: Level 120 HP 315,000,000 Attack 12,700
  • Chaos: Level 170 HP 2,100,000,000 Attack 30,600



This is the final boss, Vellum. He is really annoying to fight as he will dive into the ground every 10 seconds and you won’t be able to hit him.

  • Normal: Level 130 HP 550,000,000 Attack 18,000 (Physical) / 15,000 (Magical)
  • Chaos: Level 180 HP 2,100,000,000 Attack 46,000 (Physical) / 36,000 (Magical)

That’s all for now. Please leave a comment for any information and tips to fight the bosses.

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