Prepare for The Storm – Tempest Guide

The Tempest update will be the biggest patch since Big Bang. It will be released in Global Maple Story in November 29th. In this update, it will introduce new classes, new areas, new boss and major changes to the game. The objective of this post is to prepare you for the Tempest. In kMS, the update is divided into 6 parts. Just like Renegades (Justice in kMS) update, GMS should follow the same path.

Part 1: Preclude (11/29)

Part 1 brings significant changes to the game:

    • 3rd job advancement is now at Level 60 (except Knight of Cygnus and Evan).
    • 4th job advancement is now at Level 100 (except Knight of Cygnus and Evan).
    • Secondary stats requirement for equipment (including Empress equipment) is removed.
    • As job advancement level is lowered and SPs for 2nd and 3rd job are reduced, the mastery levels for 2nd and 3rd job skills are adjusted as well.
    • The level requirement for Job-specific secondary weapons (e.g. Mihile’s shield, Mercedes’ magic arrow, etc.) are adjusted as well (from 70 to 60, from 120 to 100).
    • The maximum number of characters per server may be changed from 15 to 18.

In the next few weeks, we will update our guides to reflect these changes. In general, you can follow the old skill build as the mastery level for 2nd and 3rd job skills are lowered.

Part 2: Luminous (12/5/2012)

Luminous is the final hero among other heroes who fought the Black Mage and brought the peace to the Maple World. This completes the acronym for MAPLE – Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous and Evan. Luminous is magician hero who uses one-handed Shinning Rod or Dual Staff (primary weapon) and Orb (secondary weapon). When Luminous was sealing the Black Mage, he drained some Black Mage’s dark power into himself. As the results, Luminous’ skills have light/dark elements. Balancing the light and dark will allow you to use powerful skills and deal more damage. Luminous has a Link Skill that ignores 10% of the enemy’s defense.

Luminous Guide

Part 3: Kaiser (12/17/2012)

Tempest update introduced a new race Nova who lives in the new area Pantheon. Part 3 releases the Warrior Nova – Kaiser and Part 4 releases the Pirate Nova – Angelic Buster. Kaiser uses two-handed sword as his primary weapon. Kaiser has a Link Skill that increases Max HP by 10%.

Kaiser Guide

Part 4: Angelic Buster (1/9/2013)

Along with Kaiser, Angelic Buster protected Pantheon from Black Mage’s commander Magnus. Angelic Buster is a gender locked class – female only. Angelic Buster uses one-handed Soul Shooter (primary) and Soul Ring (secondary). Angelic Buster has a Recharge and Dress-up system. Recharge System allows you using special skills when charged. Dress-Up system allows you to dress up using items from cash shop. Angelic Buster has a Link Skill that increase the next damage for the next four hits (100% for Angelic Buster and 50% if linked to other characters).

Part 5: Magnus

Magnus took over the Helisium.  Helisium is a theme dungeon accesses through Pantheon. You have to complete a series of quests depending on your class (Nova or Non-Nova) in order to fight the new boss Magnus. Magnus has two modes: normal and hard. You can only defeat him once a day in normal mode and once a week in hard mode. You will get godly weapons (e.g. +50 All Stats and +250 Attack) and equipment as rewards.

Part 6: Hyper Skills

Instead of 5th Job Advancement, we are getting Hyper Skills. Hypes Skills are a new set of skills acquired at Level 140. During the Tempest update, only Heroes and Nova class will get them. All other classes will begin getting them at a later release. Hyper Skills use special set of Skills Points awarded every 10 levels from level 140. There are 3 types of Hyper Skills.

  • S: Stat Strengthening Skills: Improves STR / DEX / INT / LUK / Critical Rate / Accuracy / MaxHP / MaxMP/ MaxDF / Speed / Jump / W.DEF / M.DEF.
  • P: Passive Skills that enhances your 3rd and 4th job skills. There are 3 skills to be enhanced in 3 different ways for each job.
  • A: Active Skills: Either a new attack or new buffs.

Tempest Shop

Just like previous update, there will be a Tempest Shop that sells Mastery Books, Recipes, Scrolls, Level 100 Tempest weapons (not 120) and maybe AP Reset Scrolls. There are 2 equipment worth mentioned here:

  • Helisium Elite Class Cape: Level 80, All Stats +20, Weapon/Magic Attack +10, 1 Slot (155 coins)
  • Helisium Elite Class Belt: Level 80, All Stats +18, Weapon/Magic Attack +4, 1 Slot (155 coins)

They are must haves along with Mystery Mastery Books (55 coins). Hopefully, Nexon will gave us many events to have at least 365 coins. Of course, there are more items to buy such as:

  • Magic Pocket that instantly gives you Pocket slot (80 coins)
  • Angelic Bless Recipe (200 coins)
  • Abyss weapon recipes (100 coins)
  • AP Reset Scroll (100 coins) – hopefully we are getting a free one.

That’s all for now and the post will be updated once Nexon releases more information.The skill build guides for the new classes will be released along with updated guides for existing classes. In the meantime, I have two requests for Nexon: make Maple Warrior Mastery Book available; Stop giving us Untradable items.

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