GMS v.125 Tempest: Kaiser Update


Global MapleStory will release Tempest: Kaiser Update on December 17th, 2012. In this update, a new area Pantheon will be introduced along with new Nova Race. Kaiser is Nova Warrior who protects Pantheon from Magnus, a commander of Black Mage.

Kaiser Guide

The new boss Magnus is introduced in this update as well. In kMS, Magnus has two difference modes: Normal and Hard.Tyrant equipments are dropped from Hard Mode.

Hyper Skills will be available for Nova and Heroes. It will be available for other jobs in later updates.

Hyper Skill Guide

Protector of Dragons: Kaiser

Kaiser is Nova Warrior who can transform into a dragon. Nova is a new race introduced as part of Tempest update. Kaiser class starts at Pantheon, home of Nova race who is half-human and half dragon. Pantheon can be accessed through a portal at Six Path Crossway in Victoria Island. Kaiser uses Two-handed swords as primary weapon and Dragon’s soul as secondary weapon. Kaiser uses combo system (similar to Aran) in order to fill up the Morph Gauge. Kaiser has a link skill which increases 10% MaxHP.

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