Knight of Light – Mihile

Updated for Tempest

Mihile is a Cygnus Knight Warrior who can reach level 200. The character is gender-locked (male-only). He is melee class with high mobility. He uses one-handed sword and has a sub-equipment called Soul Shield which provides additional stats.
Mihile has a link skill called Knight Watch which can be passed to other character upon level 70. Knight’s Watch uses the power of light to protect a character from being knocked back.
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GMS117 New Dawn

The patch will be released on September 5, 2012. In this patch, it will introduce a new job class. Mihile is the Dawn Warrior Cygnus Instructor. He is gender locked (male-only) and can reach level 200, unlike all other Cygnus classes.

Mihile is generally a mix of warrior and Cygnus class. He has a Link Skill – Guardian of Light (actual name may change in GMS) . When the skill is used by other characters, the actual Mihile character will appear above you and you will not be knocked back by monsters’ attack for 90 seconds.