GMS126 – Angelic Buster

GMS126 introduces Angelic Buster as expected. Angelic Buster is a female-only Nova Pirate.

Angelic Buster Guide

From January 9 to February 5, newly created Angelic Buster, Luminous, Kaiser characters will receive Angelic Buster Rising Tempest Set, Luminous Rising Tempest Set or Kaiser Rising Tempest Set from level 40 to 120. (It is also called Storm Growth Set). The 13 item set bonus adds +35 Weapon Attack/Magic Attack and +30 All stats. It is similar to the set bonus given by Tempest Set (8 items) purchased from Tempest Shop. However, you will receive Growing Tempest medal that gives +3 Attack and +5 All Stats.

Prepare for The Storm – Tempest Guide

The Tempest update will be the biggest patch since Big Bang. It will be released in Global Maple Story in November 29th. In this update, it will introduce new classes, new areas, new boss and major changes to the game. The objective of this post is to prepare you for the Tempest. In kMS, the update is divided into 6 parts. Just like Renegades (Justice in kMS) update, GMS should follow the same path.

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GMS121 Rise Against

This patch will be released on November 14th. Nexon called it Resistance Revamps. Besides the skill changes for resistance class, the Mechanic can now equip a secondary weapon – Magnum that adds DEX and Accuracy. This will be the last patch before the anticipated Tempest update (in December).

Ninja Castle is now Sakura Castle and the boss will be level 80 Evil Toad (73mil HP). Chaos Pink Bean is now available to characters level 170 and up. Chaos Pink Bean will drop Timeless equipment and new Pink Bean equipment set.

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